Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Card

This is a cool video I found that shows how to make homemade Valentine’s gifts, in this case, a pop-up card for Valentines Day. It is by Lanie Evans, a professional art teacher

Duration : 0:4:1

[youtube LzAoAMWwC_k]

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25 Responses

  1. Skaldi3 Says:

    how to turn off …
    how to turn off captions?

  2. TheBozikov Says:

    tnx for shwing …
    tnx for shwing its great

  3. kam7050 Says:

    the subtitle is …
    the subtitle is wired… you can arrange them better next time

  4. seros2010 Says:

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    SuperJump2010, on YouTube, a 4 and a half foot vertical for love also
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  5. Thaitok91 Says:

    cool ^^
    cool ^^

  6. xSuPeRxHeRo Says:

    are you ha ha ha ha …
    are you ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha han

  7. savanna1218 Says:

    i do it differnet …
    i do it differnet but cool

  8. vojo2006 Says:

    are you stupid[ ha …
    are you stupid[ ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ] WTF? :S

  9. 123100wesam Says:

    are you gay[ ha ha …
    are you gay[ ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ]

  10. dgiselle87 Says:

    thanks for sharing …
    thanks for sharing this video. I’m going 2
    try it.. !

  11. teetle295 Says:


  12. sprite7fresh Says:

    I have to make this …
    I have to make this card.

  13. 1114heart Says:

    this was greatt …
    this was greatt thanks !

  14. MaurizioMaranghi Says:

    I definitely like …
    I definitely like the idea of consuming (and recycling) less water by showering together. In all seriousness, do you really need more stuff? more chocolate? more flowers? Why not save our beautiuful Earth, be good to our trees and flowers, consume less, recycle more, and enjoy each others’ company this (and every) Valentine’s Day?

    – Maurizio Maranghi-

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  15. 99ryanshecklerfan99 Says:

    love it, love it …
    love it, love it love it its the true best card

  16. Marbuplateada Says:

    Wow thanks for you …
    Wow thanks for you video!! Great job, it’s so cute *-*!! I love it!! I’ll try!

  17. Sonita502 Says:

    woow! cool and cute …
    woow! cool and cute! you know what?, im making it on valentines day for someone special but I have to practice makin this card first. thanx! this is very helpful! this video makes my day 🙂

  18. sk8terkidfly Says:

    Cool ..

    Cool ..

  19. ssm44 Says:

    thanks for the …
    thanks for the video i tried to make one mine wasnt the best card but i did all right for my first go if i keep trying my card will look better

  20. 22222207128 Says:

    ^_^_^_^_^ …


  21. kentsmedblom Says:

    Hey Very Nice.. But …
    Hey Very Nice.. But Did You Have An Computer It Sound Like Those Water Ballons From Yoville
    Great Card!

  22. bestsingerAL Says:

    Awesome! Great idea …
    Awesome! Great idea!!!

  23. theangie4ever Says:

    2 thumbs up! …

    2 thumbs up!!!

  24. kingofkings0101 Says:

    wow..thats very …
    wow..thats very creative and beautiful..thanks so much

  25. AlwaysBeGood Says:

    Nice ;))
    Nice ;))

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