How to Make Valentine’s Day Gifts : How to Make a Paper Rose for Valentine’s Day

Learn how to make homemade Valentine’s gifts from a professional art teacher in this free video about making a paper rose for Valentine’s Day.

Expert: Lanie Evans
Bio: Lanie Evans is a certified art instructor with the AISD, and she has been instilling the creative spirit in children for over six years.
Filmmaker: Paul Raila

Duration : 0:2:14

[youtube LDdxtuUt_5c]

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25 Responses

  1. rhodesindia Says:

    after waccthign the …
    after waccthign the insidous ad ment imm kinda scard

  2. Citroion68 Says:

    oh thank you! this …
    oh thank you! this is so easy (:

  3. 123ColourfulSmarties Says:

    Made this for my …
    Made this for my mum kn mothers day I hope she will like it

  4. MyMusicMyStyle32 Says:

    @KweenDezziStar u …
    @KweenDezziStar u need 7 sheets

  5. KweenDezziStar Says:

    how many pecies of …
    how many pecies of tessue paper did you use?

  6. 002zelda Says:


  7. 08Bellababy Says:

    @saydie0609 the …
    @saydie0609 the green stuff is called pipe cleaner; if you’re going to do the flower project but going to cut the excess, string works good too if you tie it really close to the paper

  8. Rickslic90 Says:

    @Lilosol Lol great …
    @Lilosol Lol great comeback and i already get girls without that at school. Once again great comeback. Were you thinking about that one all night?

  9. Lilosol Says:

    @Rickslic90 Why? If …
    @Rickslic90 Why? If you would like to be so mean you can just talk to a friend or something about how much you hate roses that can get you a GF or BF at valentines day and such… Soo……. off……. have a nice day / night

  10. Mateo1287 Says:

    its 2 hard dot you …
    its 2 hard dot you know an easy way

  11. beSoSw33t2 Says:

    does this work with …
    does this work with normal paper??

  12. Rickslic90 Says:

    Thats a piece of …
    Thats a piece of rose!!!

  13. SineadxFay Says:

    aww cute and i love …
    aww cute and i love the timing of the video too!

  14. GlitterPinkKitty Says:

    Can u use regural …
    Can u use regural A4 paper

  15. relussier Says:

    Can’t hear you….
    Can’t hear you….

  16. xxlovesineadxx Says:

    @saydie0609 pipe …
    @saydie0609 pipe cleaners (:

  17. saydie0609 Says:

    what do call that …
    what do call that color green stuff again?

  18. LittlePinkSnowball Says:

    simple enough for a …
    simple enough for a boyfriend to do

  19. NadiaVision Says:

    @lillysunny123 LOL …
    @lillysunny123 LOL, you MORON. the LENGTH OF THE CLIP is what I am referring to. Everyone else noticed and got a nice holiday kick out of it, what is up your ass? Do not make ridiculous assumptions and prove yourself to be the that you are. Which is clear from your inability to spell on your profile page. Not to mention your choice in music betrays you immediately. Go back to school little girl.

  20. lillysunny123 Says:

    @NadiaVision no u …
    @NadiaVision no u idiot she did it den did it fast motion…it will take 10 or 11 mins TO DO THAT!!!!!!! get ur eyes checked oout

  21. Zero0911 Says:

    this is very quiet. …
    this is very quiet…maxed my computers volume, the videos volume and i still hardly can hear this

  22. BigAndTall666 Says:

    Good thing that …
    Good thing that papers burns easily!

  23. NadiaVision Says:

    It’s pretty cool …
    It’s pretty cool that this video is exactly 2min and 14 seconds long on 2/14 Valentines Day. Intentional? Or happy accident?

  24. NadiaVision Says:

    How did this get …
    How did this get more views than THIS highly entertaining V-Day video? The world makes no sense.

  25. hunthicks Says:

    @megatron97 there’s …
    @megatron97 there’s that little thing called volume, try turning it up. 😛

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