Valentine Card – Heated Pearls Tutorial

Make a Valentine Card using the “Heated Pearls” technique and Pearl Ex.

Duration : 0:7:9

[youtube 63SXQMSMR8g]

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6 Responses

  1. PlaylistAll Says:

    i cant hear …
    i cant hear anything @.@

  2. thudson99 Says:

    bad audio :
    bad audio :

  3. kitty3309 Says:

    I can`t hear 🙁
    I can`t hear 🙁

  4. frillington Says:

    wow !!!!!
    wow !!!!!

  5. Corcelita Says:

    pretty cute! thanks …
    pretty cute! thanks for sharing!

  6. PolkaDotDesigns Says:

    Nice one!
    Nice one!

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