MACM – Easy Valentines Card

Make a Card Monday – Making a card from start to finish. How to make an easy Valentine’s Day card.

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Duration : 0:4:40

[youtube nL4IPOxCU8o]

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25 Responses

  1. xochiquetzalm Says:

    realy easy!!!!! 😀
    realy easy!!!!! 😀

  2. drsquirty123 Says:

    soooo cute and tiny
    soooo cute and tiny

  3. joebg1 Says:

    subbing now …

    subbing now,

  4. lilacbushesandirises Says:

    i love all of your …
    i love all of your videos and your christmas ones are the best!! i was just wondering were do you get all of your paper i just love the romantic ones you use in lots of your cards?? thanks!

  5. Sapphiralt Says:

    omg! i love these …
    omg! i love these cards! they are so adorable and unique! now, im going to start doing this because of ur inspiration! keep up the gudd work!

  6. Alimanolli Says:

    Me gustaría que …
    Me gustaría que tuvieras traducción, me encantaron tus tarjetas y me gustaría saber hacerlas, pero no entiendo los materiales. Saludos desde México. Beatiful.

  7. adaunica Says:

    hi please tell me …
    hi please tell me the name of the music you use I really like iit!! and your cards too..really cute!

  8. phayexa Says:

    u r a natural at …
    u r a natural at all this. Love ur work!! 🙂

  9. MrsArtfulGirl Says:

    Wow,I love this …
    Wow,I love this Valentine’s card!
    You did it great!

  10. surushu Says:

    nice great video… …
    nice great video….u’ve got really CoOl stuffs;) 🙂

  11. akSmmB17 Says:

    how do u use the …
    how do u use the blue glue thing?

  12. lilcholito1000 Says:

    were did u get that …
    were did u get that blue glue thing

  13. angelhbkghellen Says:

    there’s a …
    there’s a subbliminal mensage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. graciefgracie Says:

    nice good video!!
    nice good video!!

  15. Mskaty2 Says:

    where do u get the …
    where do u get the sticky stuff for the heart?

  16. starofmay Says:

    Those are Stampin …
    Those are Stampin Dimensionals from Stampin Up. You can also find foam dimensional adhesive at craft stores. 🙂

  17. carolineta123456789 Says:

    where do u get the …
    where do u get the sticky stuff for the heart? the little circles to make the heart stickk?

  18. Harruk0 Says:

    It was fun to watch …
    It was fun to watch 😀
    You’ve got cool stationary stuff *~*

  19. Carrasketa Says:

    Muy bonito y fácil.
    Muy bonito y fácil.

  20. xXxLadybbyxXx Says:

    i relly like it
    i relly like it

  21. lilcupkake11 Says:

    dats cuuute!!
    dats cuuute!!

  22. missshah Says:

    i loved it.. made …
    i loved it.. made it going through ur was so great.. 🙂

  23. kies87teja Says:

    me gusto mucho, es …
    me gusto mucho, es facil de hacerlo, voy a hacerles trabajar a mis alumnos, muchas gracias

  24. angel292005 Says:

    Super cute 🙂
    Super cute 🙂

  25. dramavietster Says:

    sooo-ohh cutee!
    i …

    sooo-ohh cutee!
    i may do this 😉

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