How to Make Valentine’s Day Gifts : How to Make a Valentine’s Day Card

Learn how to make homemade Valentine’s gifts from a professional art teacher in this free video about tips for making Valentine’s Day cards.

Expert: Lanie Evans
Bio: Lanie Evans is a certified art instructor who’s been with the AISD for over six years. She is also a working artist who creates, shows and sells her own work.
Filmmaker: Paul Raila

Duration : 0:3:40

[youtube jZ_DFbJxD6g]

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11 Responses

  1. sprite7fresh Says:

    um… I dont really …
    um… I dont really like it but i could give it a try.

  2. mymomlikewhoa Says:

    she did a half-a** …
    she did a half-a** job
    im 11 and mi card looks 10x better

    *im not trying to sound like im boasting*

  3. mymomlikewhoa Says:

    @classiccristina i …
    @classiccristina i kno

  4. classiccristina Says:

    she seems so …
    she seems so reluctant…

  5. desmomo1 Says:

    i love it! i am …
    i love it! i am going to use this to make Valentine’s day cards for when we exchange cards at school!

  6. florawinxcutegirl Says:

    love the card!
    love the card!

  7. annekwan Says:

    What so bad? I …
    What so bad? I think It’s pretty good. Haha. But a little retarded in a sense, no offense.

  8. ILoveSweeneyTodd08 Says:

    hideous not …
    hideous not intrusting at all!

  9. stephaniedl Says:

    its ugly
    its ugly

  10. marshey123 Says:

    I agree
    I agree

  11. delboysgal Says:

    im not very …
    im not very impressed wiv the card it looks like a kid age 5 made it. i just dont think its really gd at all.

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