How To Make Valentine’s Day Cards With Kids

The best Valentine’s Day cards to give and get are the ones you make from scratch.

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[youtube twE9ko8NeK0]

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25 Responses

  1. Toon999kinzpengwo Says:

    kids 4-9 use safety …
    kids 4-9 use safety scissors? dude, 4-6 year olds need safety scissors, i never used safety scissors , only in preschool (i was 2-4 years old, then i used REAL scissors)

  2. WishingBabyX Says:

    “Kids under 4 sould …
    “Kids under 4 sould not use scissors and kids 4-9 should use safety scissors”

    Woah that means 9 years old is primary 4 still cannot use normal scissors? 8 also? but I also got use normal scissors before im still a kid! o.O

  3. joyariffic Says:

    just get some paper …
    just get some paper and have them fold it in half and draw hearts

  4. desmomo1 Says:

    because when you …
    because when you make a card it puts more thought into it!

  5. MySuperChannel124 Says:

    I made a card with …
    I made a card with a pig on it saying Hogs & Kisses.

  6. trytolivelivetotry Says:

    shes hot
    shes hot

  7. jasminetayhongee Says:

    what ! my sis can …
    what ! my sis can use a normal scissors
    when she was 5

  8. selenanashleyfan Says:

    WTF? i started …
    WTF? i started using normal scissors when i was like 5 or 6!

  9. Irishmermaid96 Says:

    haha maybe… 😛
    haha maybe… 😛

  10. celineB444 Says:

    the little kid is …
    the little kid is so cute!

  11. eevee4espeon Says:

    hmm mothers day in …
    hmm mothers day in thrid,, what is fathers day?96251?? after the indian traditon of the 19th full/new moon??

  12. oriscuraza Says:

    r u serious!! i …
    r u serious!! i never knew that i cant believe tasmania doesnt celebrate it and every other state does i live in NSW lol

  13. xqueensexii Says:

    why dont you just …
    why dont you just buy a card ? its much pretttieerrr !

  14. CharlieFanGirl Says:

    tasmania doesnt …
    tasmania doesnt selabrate valentines day

  15. musicgrls2 Says:

    cute but 2 immature …
    cute but 2 immature 4 my class and me

  16. snager80 Says:

    * feels cute* ^-^
    * feels cute* ^-^

  17. Allinmyworld Says:

    that is so cute!
    that is so cute!

  18. Chrisward71 Says:

    yeah u know… in …
    yeah u know… in reception (kindergarten) we were given little saws and wood to chop up 🙂

  19. Mintish Says:

    Well, there’s a …
    Well, there’s a contagious plague of dumb that’s been going around. Maybe its the food we’ve eaten or evolution or something else, but it seems out immunity to the dumb, as a whole, is exponentially depleting.

    As a result, when you were in grade school, it was fine, but with more and more kids catching the dumb and adults with full blown expressions of the dumb supervising children afflicted with the dumb, it’s no longer safe to do anything that would require a fraction of common sense.

  20. MusicParodyParty Says:

    Paint? That won’t …
    Paint? That won’t go well.

  21. Rudolfzero Says:

    Dude, Howcast is …
    Dude, Howcast is american, so what you think?

  22. pongman Says:

    and you’ll need …
    and you’ll need money, candy, drinks, pizza, ice-cream, and Excedrin. It might be handy to have a baby sitter in case they get out of control. lol

  23. ezits666 Says: 4-9 … 4-9 should use safety scissors? thats messed up.. kids in first grade are capable to use normal scissors man

  24. mad52 Says:

    You made my night
    You made my night

  25. iqchicken Says:

    What the hell? If …
    What the hell? If you need an instructional video on this you aren’t spending enough time with your kids.

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