Fancy Fold Valentines Day card with Dawn Griffith

learn to make this cute Valentines day card . Fancy fold envelope surprise

Duration : 0:7:38

[youtube mmumnUL3lA8]

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25 Responses

  1. mcg267 Says:

    I know this is an …
    I know this is an old video, if you don’t respond it’s okay I’ll play with it anyways. Just to clarify – you said designer paper – did you mean cardstock or actual paper that you’d use in a scrapbook? It seems like it’s the thickness of cardstock that you used. I think I’m confused on the terminology. lol

  2. KezzfromOz Says:

    I can’t take this …
    I can’t take this video seriously without the “Hi Stampers” – lol!
    Dawn, you’re famous in Australia now, I had a night where I watched most of your video’s, and by the end of the night, even my little boy was walking around saying “Hi Stampers”
    I was then talking about it at work and there were three people who as soon as I said “Hi stampers” looked up and said “Dawn!”
    You’re a hit!
    PS – Love what you do, keep inspiring us.

  3. dawn5377 Says:

    @ilovepookymonster …
    @ilovepookymonster It is a bone folder that I am using I have heard of people also using a stylus embossing tool to score as well 🙂

  4. ilovepookymonster Says:

    what is that tool …
    what is that tool call? the one you do the scoring with? where can i buy it? or what else i can use instead?

  5. Sonshine1296 Says:

    That is a wonderful …
    That is a wonderful card! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  6. TanzSam Says:

    This is supa cute – …
    This is supa cute – I love all your videos – tfs your ideas (so talented)

  7. lilcupkake11 Says:

    I made this for my …
    I made this for my boyfriend. 🙂
    sooo nice. && easy

  8. precious014e Says:

    Hmm… I am a …
    Hmm… I am a Photography Major and we have to cut our pictures and our boards etc. and we were taught to use the cutter with the long ruler on the bottom like you used to.

  9. Crazee108 Says:

    it doesn’t matter …
    it doesn’t matter if u use it upside down, which ever is easier for you. =) it’s not like the measurements change right?

  10. rain1039 Says:

    thhis is such a …
    thhis is such a awsome idea i told everyone about you they said that they love your ideas!!!!!!!!1

  11. Harkiness Says:

    This is a Perfect …
    This is a Perfect Idea, I was Looking for Card Ideas To give to Who my Mate Fancys (He Dosnt Know That Though)
    And This came up, Thank you So Much.
    Happy Valentiene Time Day 😀

  12. dawn5377 Says:

    Yes 11 inches X 11 …
    Yes 11 inches X 11 inches You are correct 🙂

  13. sandiiix333 Says:

    I don’t understand …
    I don’t understand how you say 11 by 11 did you mean by 11 inches by 11 inches???

  14. dawn5377 Says:

    LOL this is an …
    LOL this is an older video before I started saying Hi stampers 🙂 You’re sweet !

  15. myaian Says:

    Hello?? You have to …
    Hello?? You have to say Hi Stampers 🙂

  16. tankcaz Says:

    Hi what if i’m …
    Hi what if i’m using an A4 size paper to do that card? Could you tell me the dimensions? Thanks

  17. dawn5377 Says:

    see if folding the …
    see if folding the opposite way on the score lines helps .. sometimes when scoring and folding them it helps to just fold the oppsite way you folded the 1st time .. make sense ? Hope this helps

  18. carribe12 Says:

    i really don’t know …
    i really don’t know what im doing wrong, ive tried it a bunch of times and the squares on the inside just don’t line up. ive double checked & my scoring is correct. uggghhh…please help!!! i want to do this card for my mother’s bday.

  19. valeria49851love Says:

    its so amazing i …
    its so amazing i loved it
    is looks so fun and easy

  20. jenelle1373 Says:

    Hi Dawn, I am new …
    Hi Dawn, I am new to card making and have fallen in love with your videos. I also use my fiskars cutter upside down. I really find it much easier that way.

  21. dawn5377 Says:

    LOL!! This must …
    LOL!! This must have been one of my older videos 🙂 Thats sweet of you to notice . Thanks for making me smile

  22. hannahmileyrocks14 Says:

    u forgot to say ” …
    u forgot to say ” Hi Stampers”!!!

  23. vaipeters Says:

    Im inspired! Gotta …
    Im inspired! Gotta try this! Great card!

  24. beckythebealge Says:

    I recently discover …
    I recently discover you site and love it. Also, who cares which way you use your trimmer, whatever work for you.

  25. dawn5377 Says:

    The designer paper …
    The designer paper comes in 12″ X 12″ sheets
    Hope this helps

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